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Date: 30 Nov -0001


Argo Dark

Black Argo, resembling the frankonian style of "Dunkles” is a full bodied beer that dwells on the malty character with a slight hint of coffee and caramel. It could be enjoyed just on its own, but is best suited to accompany fried or roasted meat dishes or all sorts of fish. You can also use it to marinate your meat or to create great sauces, which go with the main dishes. It should be consumed at around 10°C to unfold the richness of its flavor. Due to its abundance in specialty malts it contains higher levels of Polyphenols, specially Flavonoids, than regular beer, which are actually working as antioxidants and, as such, beneficial towards Heart, Liver and Kidney diseases.

Content: hop, malt, water. Caloric content: 43 kcal/100mm. 4.8 Vol. Alc

033L Bottle
0.5L Bottle
2.0L PET