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Zandukeli Degustation

Date: 30 Nov -0001


"Castel Georgia” is one of the first breweries in Georgia. The company proudly offers a great variety of beer styles for any mood and any occasion, especially to the connoisseurs of distinct beer styles. The company insists on working on top quality raw materials, hence its product is distinguished for outstanding quality. The brewery is equipped with the latest worldwide standard beer making machines and techniques. Specialists from Europe (Czech republic, Germany, etc..) are in Georgia to assist local engineers in producing high quality and world standard product. The highly qualified team supports "Castel Georgia” to create the most loyal and dominant brand image on the market of beer and soft drinks.


Extremely experienced German brewer provides with best brewing process and the whole product producing process is always under the strict supervision.


A wealth experience that company gained during the years, factory's contemporary technical equipment, top raw materials, team of professionals and permanent quality control enables company with the opportunity to offer its consumers product of superior quality.


Due to all the great achievements and considerable resources.”Castel Georgia" as a manufacturer of beer and soft drinks expects to gain the leading position in Transcaucasia and a notable success on global market.


The brewery "Castel Georgia "-Top quality product for a reasonable price! This is the core concept and the main goal of the company. The team of 300 employees, including highly qualified German brewers, local and foreign manufacturing engineers are involved to achieve intended goal.


The company "Castel Georgia" works on top quality raw materials to produce a rich assortment of beer styles. This, enables company to offer to beer expert’s wide selection of styles for the reasonable price.


1. The beer "German” is being brewed by highly experienced German brewer Frank Lange.The whole brewing process is based on German brewing traditions by using top quality German raw materials. The special recipe of this beer gives it extraordinary traits of taste, flavour and pronounced authentic german taste.


In the segment of "Germanuli" beer, the beer brewed by "Castel Georgia" is Georgia's favorite. Rich assortment and affordable price is adjusted to consumer’s special tastes.


The beer "germanuli tradiciuli" is distinguished by its classic beer tsate and a low-alcohol content. This characterictic makes beer "germanuli tradiciuli" appealing all year round.


The beer "germanuli 9" is well known for its strong alcohol content and this very feature makes it so special on the market.


"beer germanuli"-confirmed and signed quality.


2. The beer "Argo" reflects company's pride as its very own special beer. Its outstanding quality and distinct taste not only gives it a fair prominent role but also makes it special Georgian brand : "Argo- Chief Georgian Brand ".


Argo always cares about its customers and offers distinguished product to those beer amateurs who value exclusive taste, thus, it creates brand new beer " Black Argo", which is the only dark beer producing in Georgia. The company created "Black Argo" principally for dark beer lovers.


shavi argo-power of the black taste!


3. The draft beer "Herzog" is made for those, who prefer traditional german live beer.

The concept "Near to home" and "always new" made draught beer "Herzog" available for live beer worshippers. Draft beer stores situated in every district of the city by "Castel Georgia" , with its renewed design, are at the peak of its popularity.


Draft beer Herzog, nearest to home!


4. The lemonade "zandukeli" has an amazing history. In 1914, in Paris Georgian emigrant Niko Zandukeli created his secret recipe of lemonade to impress his beloved woman, the story says that this magic lemonade helped him to conquer her heart and eventually they got married. The lemonade "zandukeli" is based on this secret recipe.


Fresh fruit-flavored soft drinks, with its exquisite appearance of the bottle has a great success among the local and foreign customers. Today the company has to offer 9 types of lemonades. In addition to traditional lemonades, company produces lemonades with new distinctive taste.


Time traveling taste, hundred-year story of the recipe.